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DeWitt principles
Take the time to read the two different religious faiths in my immediate family. In time, I will try to upgrade this site to be more informative....
Objectives of a Baptist are to Baptize. Seek the unchurched and bring them to Christ. Teach the bible. Teach the gospel. Bring others to salvation. Objective of a Calvinist. Hereditarily govern an estate. To live by example. Be a good samaritan by helping travelers in need, to offer a place to stay, food for the deprived when assessed. To offer advice or testimonies to those in need. To produce good works. Be a good neighbor. Teach others the word of god, the bible....

Hennon Family Bible Record
We feel that some of the writings of Charles Hoyes may be wrong. It also appears that some information in Indian Blood may be wrong because of Hoye's publishings. The part where Henry's daughter Nancy married her cousin Thomas DeWitt. This Henry DeWitt was the son of Peter. This Henry was born in about 1795-96 and Mrs. William H. DeWitt's Genealogy proves that the Henry, born in 1795-96, married Elizabeth Jackson. Their daughter Nancy married her cousin. So Jim Friend's webpages explaining Hoye's facts need to include my findings.
Henry DeWitt Land Patent
This document was found by my Aunt Melba DeWitt/Baker. She found it under her stairs in a plastic bag. I had already researched the parents of Jonathan DeWitt and had my conclusion, but finding this document backed all my conclusions up. Henry filed twice in May of 1815 with a Barney DeWitt, both residents of Guernsey County, Ohio. Henry died in 1821 and his son Jonathan did not get this document until 1829. The records that I sent for at the Department of Interior show Jonathan had to sell his property. It also shows Barney DeWitt's involvement but does not prove his relationship. This document filed in the military district does prove that Henry was one of the first DeWitts to settle DeWitt Ridge. The land in Caldwell's Land Atlas of 1875 does appear to be some of the same property. Jonathan's will in 1870 gives to his sons James H. and Joseph A. DeWitt the same land shown in this atlas.
New Contacts
The clan welcomes Alan Cordray to the family. We are looking at the evidence that shows the Sarah born in 1774 as the one that married Isaac Cordray. This would be Alan's ancestors if we can prove it. Clarence C. Crow made contact with me some time ago. Clarence descends from Emily DeWitt that married David Crow. Also, I have been working with Don DeWitt Davis who is seeking information on his grandfather Priest Allen DeWitt. Priest worked at a business in Jimtown Corners as a small boy. We are trying to see if he descends from James H. DeWitt but appears not to be. Don recently updated me on Priest's death certificate. Priest's parents appear to be Jeremiah and Mary (Jones)DeWitt of Holmes County, Ohio.
New Contacts!

DeWitt continues to prove presence of hereditary knights in Holland and throughout the world.
This page of this book shows the entrance to the city fortress as decorated with the emblems of local noble families, involved in the strenuous defence of the city during the 1573-74 siege, which made Leiden, Holland a symbol of independence. DeWitt claims this is a perfect example of hereditary knights when it displays symbols of unity of families that govern estates hereditarily. DeWitt claims it is a no brainer when these coat of arms or crests display knight's helmets. Please continue to the Huguenot Page of this website.

St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre on August 24, 1572 in France links to seige of Holland cities in 1573-74.
Check it out by copying and pasting address on your internet address bar. French Huguenots fled from France to low countries because of religious persecution. Holland was a low country because it is mostly below sea level...