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DeWitt Arms
Coat of Arms of the DeWitts of Dordrecht

The family crest or coat of arms is a symbol of unity of one family that hereditarily governs an estate or set of estates. The DeWitts of Dordrecht, Holland were said to be Calvinist, often known as Huguenots. I invite you to browse my other site on the traits and characteristics of a Huguenot or Calvinistic theologist, when it is finished. This particular crest was first shown to me by the late Russell Edwin DeWitt of Canton, Ohio. The crest had no color. My father had a local artist paint this version and he framed it. My brother Darin then had a co-worker beadblast the crest into oak and my father now has it hanging on his wall. These DeWitts are said to have fled from France to Holland. Russell's version was said to have come from a record of Louis Hasbrouck Van Schaler. The pictures that Jeffrey DeWitt had at the DeWitt Reunion in Kingston, NY shows this same shield behind Jan DeWitt with a reddish tint to it. So these colors on this crest appear not to be original. Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeWitt of Cincinati, Ohio returned to Holland to research this lineage further and can verify the appropriate colors.

"DeWitt presents his case of divine heraldry before the College of Heraldry"
By Joseph Knight

Kevin W. DeWitt was recently given the opportunity to explain his hypothesis to Dr. David Johnson and Dr. Patrick O Shea. The gentlemen are both scholars at the American College of Heraldry that can be found The college can be written to by sending a letter to P.O. Box 710, Cottondale, AL 35453. DeWitt admits that it is no secret convincing a man of the Catholic faith of his assumption or set of assumptions that are provisionally accepted, as fact, is difficult.

DeWitt continues to say that there are claims that what he lectures is instrumental in the conversion of Catholics and that he will argue in his defense that this is not true. DeWitt adds, that he finds himself lecturing that this hypothesis is neither Catholic nor Protestant but Christian. DeWitt says that the Lord knows that this is not his intention to teach a Protestant doctrine and divide denominations.

DeWitt continues by saying that if Christ is the king of the dance then the inspiration that he teaches, is the dance. DeWitt says that as Mr. O Shea pointed out that men of Catholic faith are quite fluent in heraldry, which DeWitt says only confirms his belief that his hypothesis is not Protestant but Christian.

As DeWitt continues to add he says in his conclusions that you could take two groups of young adults of different faiths and lecture them this hypothesis. Take the sons of a group of Knights of Columbus and the sons of Knights Templars and teach them divine heraldry or the lecture that the coat of arms comes from god. He claims this would give you the same ending results. DeWitt claims that in both situations you would have a fascination in one's heraldry, a motivation to become king-like and a comradery like no other because of sharing the same beliefs. In both parties you would surely hear clanging of swords. DeWitt adds, anyone could identify certain principles of a Christian faith.

DeWitt's hypothesis can be found at one of his WebPages at under Huguenot Ancestry Page. DeWitt believes that it is true that anyone that makes himself king sets himself apart from Caesar but, on the other hand, takes one giant leap toward Christ. Must see his website to understand.

Calvin's teachings become motivational to Christians.