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Cornelious and Johan DeWitt
The story of Jan and his brother has been told for many generations. Often, he is referred to as Johan or John DeWitt. Jan and his brother were hacked to pieces on August 28, 1672 by an Orangist Mob. A group of people made up of members of the political party, the House of Orange. This is very important to know in understanding why horrible acts take place.

As the story goes......
It has been known for some time that conflicts are a way of life when republics are formed, and understanding these conflicts can be an extremely difficult task. There are always at least two sides to every story and sometimes more sides than you can count. If you look hard enough, you can uncover the truth. There is a whole world out there to help you uncover the documentation that you need to bring your breathtaking tale to life. Life, Liberty in the US has always been a hot topic for Americans, but before our nation became a nation libertarians were already in a fight to establish what Americans call democracy.

DeWitt Hereditary Governing Families of Holland

Understanding Political and Religious Philosophies

The inspiration behind the teachings of Jesus
A Huguenot was Calvinistic in theology. Many fled from France to the Low Countries like Holland because of religious persecution. They were considered to be the nobles of their society. They were intimidating in many ways to monarchies. They threatened to unseat kings and to push forth-democratic principles. A Calvinist did not rule a nation, but hereditarily governed an estate or several estates. They often obtained great wealth and became well liked among the people, especially by other Protestants.

How does one make himself king? Filing an estate under a Joint and Survivorship deed is a start. There is a unique trait or characteristic to true Calvinism. It is who exactly owns the estate. If John and Jane Doe go Calvinistic then they file their deed in an unusual way. One attorney called this method deed reciting. I call it the practice of a Calvinistic theology. Can one actually be denied the free exercise thereof today? The deed is titled under the name of, "The Doe Family, John and Jane Doe and Their Heirs." This would give this family great privilege in society beyond what one could expect.

The biggest benefit to the practice of this theology is that John becomes somewhat immortal. If a man attempted to sue John for everything he owned individually then this man would find that John owned nothing individually to be sued. This would be providing John owned no other assets in his name. In mid-evil times up to the 17th and 18th centuries kings were known to prohibit or outlaw woman from owning land. Mainly so a man could more easily be accused of treason and his property taken for what royalty considered just cause. Republicans were accused of political unrest and dealt with accordingly. There was the anecdote to solve this unfair circumstance. When a husband was worried about the well being of his wife and young children then he would just file his deed in an unusual manner. In John's case under, "The Doe Family, John Doe and His Heirs." Ownership therefore includes several members of John's family, his wife or the so-called clan but up front you can see the wife indirectly owns part of the estate. A brilliant anecdote from our ancestors, in my eyes.

The definition of estate is simple and clear. It means, "one's possessions." In the case of these practicing Protestants, one's possession, would be an estate owned by one family. Above, are several shields found on coat-of-arms of Dutch DeWitt families. These coat-of-arms are a symbol of unity of one family that hereditarily governs an estate. These particular shields are from families in different cities of 17th century Holland.


1. The book called The Concise Book of American History. In the description of Huguenot in America it gives detailed accounts of the meaning. It claims the Huguenot religion was Calvinistic in theology, ritual in form, Presbyterian in government and tolerant in principle.
2. First Amendment can be found at
3. The book, Franklin by the Library of America describes the confusion of Ben Franklin discussing hereditary knights in France. Mocks Washington on Page 1084-88 in a letter, The turk'y in comparison a much more respectable bird. Franklin discusses the Turkey verses the Bald Eagle as the national bird but there is more to this letter. Letter mocks Washington and the order of hereditary knights of France. It is to me a disagreement between English symbolic masonry and France's chivalric masons, which Washington and Lafayette held dear to them. Must read to appreciate this concept that I am explaining.
4. The book, Jefferson by the Library of America is a perfect example of our patriotic forefather's favoritism in Calvinism. Letter in 1823 to John Adams called, Calvin and Cosmology even recites Calvin ending in if it shall make me immortal. Jefferson writes from his estate Monticello, "Dear Sir, --- The wishes expressed, in your last favor, that I may continue in life and health until I become a Calvinist, at least in his exclamation of 'mon Dieu! Jusque a quand'! would make me immortal."
5. The book, Jefferson by the Library of America publishes a letter, A stepping stone for monarchy. What it describes is that the monarchical federalist are in favor of making George Washington king in an attempt to devise a plan where those monarchical federalist can be voted into a kings status and rule a nation. It was considered such a wonderful concept that our forefathers adopted this measures and called the highest office in this great nation, "The President." Now you know the rest of the story.

DeWitt teaches the concept of conducting a religious experiment today.

Today, we have a new challenge. That is to conduct ourselves as scripture dictates. The challenge is to master the art of Christian living. I recall a term once used. A man described himself as a, "Bibliomaniac," which simply means one who lives to live the bible. It is absolutely fascinating to me considering the extent of this man's faith.

The religious experiment consists of this; the subject is anyone that proclaims himself or herself a Christian. Anyone, that follows in the footsteps of Jesus. That is to make oneself a monarchical federalist or better known as a king. I ask you to go to your legal counselor and ask them to research your right to file your deed in a Joint and Survivorship status. In most cases where a mortgage would apply, it is best to contact your title company and have them determine whether or not your state prohibits this exercise. Their contact with your banking institution is vital. Claims are being made that the Supreme Court has outlawed certain practices of law under Joint and Survivorship deeds because a lien cannot be attached to a deed. This is not true. There is a way but the deed holder must be the first to approve of it. It is true you can make yourself immortal but it is not true your deed cannot be attached.

Some states have outlawed this method because of this controversy but you must be persistent. Ask your legal counsel if your deed can be filed as described above. Claims have been made that the Supreme Court allowed any deeds that were already filed in this manner to remain this way but all other requests shall be denied. However, attempts to locate this ruling have been unsuccessful so this practice of a Christian theology is presently going unchallenged. Can government actually create a law or make an outlawing to prohibit the free exercise thereof? I think not. Proceed with caution but continue to be persistent.

Once you have successfully filed your deed you can choose to remain this way or you can take it one step farther. The second step or stage of this religious experiment consists of this; go to your county auditor's office and request a market value complaint form for property taxes. Here is how you fill it out once you are home and in the sanctuary of your own private estate. It will ask you what is the true market value and you will reply zero dollars. It will also ask you why and you will give two reasons? You will reply that one, true market value is the value of property when placed on the open market. As keeper of this estate there is only sentimental value to this estate that you are governing and there are no plans to place it on the open market. Two; property that is legally bound and forever promised to heirs will never be placed on the open market because it is automatically handed down by right of survivorship to an heir or heirs.

Mass filing of this type of grievance does take time to address and we should allow government time to do so. They need plenty of time to address how to replace the lose of tax revenues. They will consider this a class action grievance because of the volume filed and will address every aspect of this issue, even if they have to open up their bibles. If and when they deny this petition to cut your property tax on private estates to nothing then the decision can be taken to higher levels of government. Go to to find more on this angle of reform.

Kevin W. DeWitt

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